Phony Ppl
Why iii Love The Moon

Brooklyn, NY | 2015

Optical Animal linked up with Phony Ppl to direct the official music video for Why iii Love the Moon, the first single off of their monumental 2015 release, Yesterday's Tomorrow.

After realizing that the band's practice space and our production studio were literally just a few blocks from one another, and upon further realizing that frontman Elbie Thrie was a prodigious unicyclist, the concept for the video materialized almost automatically. We knew that Brooklyn would have to be a part of the story, and we were excited to explore the idea that projections would give us the chance to look at the city in a new way.

The video was filmed over the course of 3 days, and saw many new friendships being forged, steady interpretations on the 'Running Man challenge', a liberal use of handheld 'skateboard dollies', and lots of positive vibes and support from our random Brooklyn neighbors.