Marriott - Superbowl 360°
Miami, FL | 2020

Optical Animal was invited to create a 360° immersive experience for Marriott's Super Bowl LIV pregame party at the Templehouse in Miami.

The show consisted of two 60-minute ambient loops, as well as a show-stopping 5-minute "Centerpiece", which took center stage as the high point of the evening. We developed the script, created a full VR previz, built out the 3D worlds using Cinema 4D and Octane renderer, and incorporated live-action video and audio of historic Super Bowl moments to heighten the drama. To achieve the flythrough, a 360 "camera" was then animated through this constructed world, capturing the virtual surroundings in a way that could later be unfolded, and mapped, to the walls of the venue.

The projection served as a culmination of all of the events taking place throughout the evening, and kicked off a live performance by the Chainsmokers, who took the stage immediately following the show.