Intel/Uproxx "The Shadow"
Los Angeles | 2018

Optial Animal collaborated with Intel and Uproxx to transform an outdoor parking lot in Los Angeles into a one-of-a-kind immersive audience experience. The concept combined projection mapping, live music, and a precisely choreographed performance, to tell the story of a person who is haunted and hunted by their own shadow.

We designed a projection mapping system combining six 20,000 lumen projectors that illuminated the entire width of the parking lot, using simulated lighting effects that allowed us to create the illusion of the 60-foot tall shadow-monster.

The experience was presented for an unsuspecting crowd that formed to watch the action. The process and final presentation was captured by Uproxx and produced into a horror-short, and series of making-of docs, that were distributed by both Uproxx and Intel as part of their ongoing Intel Optane Memory creator's campaign.