Limitless Lounge

Los Angeles

Optical Animal partnered with Bulleit Bourbon to create the Bulleit Limitless Lounge - an immersive video art experience and bar that takes guests on an inspiring journey through a series of sprawling 360° animated worlds.

The looping 25-minute narrative was scripted, designed, animated and installed by Optical Animal, venturing out on a vivid, abstract exploration into the creative process. To provide a broad range of insight and inspiration, OA brought on collaborating artists Mike Perry, boogieREZ, Kyle Gordon, and Gleix, among others. A six-channel immersive audioscape helped to drive the narrative, crafted by sound designers Philip Kim, Drew Joy, Gosteffects, and Optical Animal.

As a complement to the ultra-high resolution immersive projections of the main space, OA also created a supporting installation featuring a series of vintage 16mm projectors and physical film loops, rounding out the experience with a throwback to the analog world where it all began.

Photos and gifs by Optical Animal, Chino Jones, & Dylan Ostrow