Beyond The Dawn
Outer Space | 2017

Many moons ago, the team at Optical Animal once had the great opportunity to work side by side with a legend of mythic proportion, a creative visionary. Space Monkey was a rare force of nature, a steadfast collaborator, and a true friend.

This is the last known footage taken of Space Monkey, on that fateful day that he boosted through the wormhole. We don’t know where Space Monkey ended up, only that a new, mysterious entity appeared in his wake: this was Optical Animal.

Godspeed, Space Monkey.

Optical Animal worked with makeup artists Ricky Vitus, Evan Hedges and Kat Daniels to bring the dramatic scene to life. Launched from a story by Michael J Johnson, LED effects programmed by Edward Richardson. Voice Command by Matt Madsen recorded by Neil Wright. Sound Design by Philip Kim and Origin Of Audio.